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RISARC is the premier supplier of high technology revenue recovery and reimbursement systems to the nation’s leading healthcare providers.  RISARC, founded in 1990, has recovered over $1 billion for its clients and today offers a family of leading automated and customized systems for productivity monitoring, error tracking, revenue recovery, and quality control.  RISARC’S 360˚ service delivers to clients a comprehensive package of solutions and services that securely and effectively meet client needs and support their business objectives. 






As one of the most automated firms in the healthcare industry, RISARC has used its technological innovation to develop some of the most groundbreaking systems solutions and management tools for the healthcare environment. RISARC pioneered hospital registration quality tracking with its Admission Error Tracking System (AETS), As the very first company to develop an automated solution to identify and track registration errors, RISARC remains the premier system of choice for hospitals across the U.S. AETS's robust, custom system provides real time error tracking and performance evaluation, giving Admission Managers a powerful tool that ensures registration quality and accuracy before the bill drops.


RISARC has been an industry leader in the healthcare industry, primarily in the area of automated system development. With RMSe-bubble as our flagship tool for secure document exchange, we provide clients with a HIPAA-compliant tool that Enhances Revenue, Saves Time, and Streamlines Operations. More importantly, the RISARC team and its 360° service will be with you all the way—delivering personal, hands-on service for all phases of the RMSe-bubble implementation, including training and follow-up assessments to measure Quality, Service and Revenue Improvement.


In addition to being a leader in automated systems, RISARC’s strength lies in its people. Behind the technology is an experienced, talented, and dedicated team who make 360° service their top priority every day. Our consultants have a comprehensive understanding of the “business behind medicine,” and they make it a priority to deliver Consulting Services that meet and exceed clients’ ever-changing business needs.


Whether it’s the integration of an Electronic Medical Record, or a conducting a client service such as Medi-Cal On/Off site Eligibility, RISARC continues to provide its clients with 360° services and tools that are customized, yet scalable for each client’s individual needs. That’s RISARC.