Admissions Tracking

One of the powerful modules from our management systems division is the Admissions Error Tracking System (AETS).  This software tool fully automates error tracking to ensure the quality and accuracy of the information collected by the registration staff.  AETS is a potent and effective productivity and performance evaluation tool for use at the admissions desk entry point that is the most critical juncture of all in the reimbursement and recovery cycle.



Proven to save time, money, and hassle for everyone involved in the registration process, RISARC's AETS is user-friendly and seamless–giving you better quality and more control over information collected during registration.

For Hospitals

  • Improved registration accuracy
  • Reduced Accounts Receivable (A/R) days


For Staff

  • Improved error ratio transparency—highlighting success and areas for improvement
  • Fewer bills returned by insurance companies


For Patients

  • Fewer denied claims due to registration error

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RISARC's AETS is packed with both out-of-the-box and customizable quality control features that can be tailored to your hospital environment. Clients have the ability to:

  • Monitor quality and quantity of work in real time
  • Design a system with custom edits and reports
  • Track error and accuracy rates at both department and individual levels

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RISARC has been an industry leader in developing and re-engineering workflow systems for more than 10 years, and AETS is one of many RISARC technological innovations that utilizes our deep understanding of claims management and medical office operations. RISARC’s AETS decreases the admission error rate by 90 percent—dramatically reducing A/R rates and providing overall efficiency throughout the entire revenue cycle. More importantly, the RISARC team and its 360° service will be with you all the way—delivering personal, hand-on service for all phases of the AETS implementation, including training and follow-up assessments to measure quality, service, and revenue improvement.


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