Rapid Reimbursement

Our industry-best eligibility services are comprehensive and have proven particularly popular.  They efficiently and accurately qualify uninsured patients – even at bedside inside the hospital – so that the facility can qualify and receive rapid reimbursement for delivered medical services against a vast range of coverage providers, including Medi-Cal, the California Victim Compensation program, and third-party liability insurance. 


Our collectability services also extend to government and private insurance billing, billing appeals and treatment authorization appeals. 



With more than 15 years experience in Medi-Cal, Medicare, Commercial Insurance Reimbursement and eligibility issues, RISARC is an industry leader in maximizing reimbursement and reducing A/R days. Our well-known services in the healthcare industry include:

Medi-Cal & Medicare

  • Medi-Cal On/Off Site Eligibility
  • Billing
  • Outpatient Account Follow-up
  • Third Party Liability Lien Services
  • Fiscal Intermediary Denials

Legal Services

  • Eligibility Litigation
  • Billing Litigation and Appeals
  • TAR Litigation and Appeals
  • Insurance Appeal


Business and Technology


RISARC’s advanced technological innovation has given us a consistent edge in everything we do; combined with our expert management consultants, we’re able to make businesses and organizations more efficient.


  • Tactical Analysis and Implementation
  • Change Management
  • Coaching/Training


  • Outsourcing
  • Staff Training
  • Legal and Regulatory

IT Consulting

  • IT Implementation
  • Software Implementation
  • Education and Training
  • Online Management
  • Project Management

General Financial

  • Accounting
  • Auditing