Electronic Medical Record

It's all over the news! Clinical medical records in digital format can improve quality of care and efficiency. A wise investment, but how does your organization begin to move in this direction? One answer: RISARC. Our expert system solutions and healthcare consultants can offer you a robust EMR system and seamlessly integrate this HIPAA-compliant platform into your organization.


RISARC's Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a user-friendly and efficient system that's fully integrated with Practice Management and Billing solutions. Our powerful features bring countless benefits to physicians, staff, and patients, including:

      • Increased productivity
      • Reduced costs
      • Increased revenue
      • Improved quality of care
      • A streamlined patient visit
      • A simplified documentation process

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RISARC takes a collaborative approach to systems development—a key step to integrating an EMR solution that's tailor-made for your organization, with features such as:

      • Access to patient data from any location
      • Scheduling
      • Inpatient/Outpatient Clinical Documentations
      • Patient Dashboard
      • Progress Notes
      • Prescriptions, Formulary Look-up
      • Automated checks for drug and allergy interactions
      • Accurate and complete claims processing by insurance companies
      • Registry Reporting
      • Ancillary Services

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RISARC has been an industry leader in developing electronic medical records and office automation systems. More importantly, the RISARC team and its 360° service will be with you all the way—delivering personal, hands-on service for all phases the EMR implementation, including training and follow-up assessments to measure quality, service, and revenue improvement.


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