HIPAA-Compliant Transmission


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RISARC’s new RMSe-bubble provides the industry’s best secure, HIPAA-compliant environment for electronic record and document exchange, capable of the protected storage and transfer of patient information in all file types, sizes and image formats. RISARC is also a pioneer in the use of the new digital Nationwide Health Care Information Network (NHIN) which connects doctors, patients, and health care providers to state and federal agencies, integrated delivery systems, and private health plans.



RMSe-bubble helps you concentrate on what really matters: your patients.
You get to focus on delivering quality healthcare, while RMSe-bubble increases your savings and productivity by:

        • Reducing overhead costs
        • Providing centralized access and 24/7 accessibility
        • Tracking and managing workflow
        • Generating flexible and custom management reports
        • Reducing courier and mail costs
        • Improved accuracy in claims processing between Payors and Payees


Secure HIPAA compliant
With seamless system integration and the capability to interface with existing systems. RISARC’s RMSe-bubble delivers the nation’s most capable, secure, HIPPA-compliant document workflow and connectivity system.

RMSe-bubble integrates with your existing system to:

        • Reduce the risk of HIPAA violations due to lost documents from field staff
        • Reduce the volume of mailed/couriered documents
        • Provide complete traceability for all transactions


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RMSe-bubble can be set up as a scalable electronic medical records system for document movement to EDS, disability social services, and any number of business or exchange partners on NHIN. RMSe-bubble provides a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment for electronic document exchange, including:

        • Transferring patient information
        • Transferring all file types and sizes, including images


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RISARC has been an industry leader in developing secure automated systems. With RMSe-bubble as our flagship tool for document exchange, we provide clients with a HIPAA-compliant tool that saves money, time, and streamlines operations. More importantly, the RISARC team and its 360° service will be with you all the way—delivering personal, hand-on service for all phases of the RMSeBubble implementation, including training and follow-up assessments to measure quality, service, and revenue improvement.


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