Optimizing healthcare delivery.

RISARC is a leading national high-technology and revenue-cycle optimization consulting firm to the healthcare industry. RISARC 360° SERVICE™ offers a single-source solution that combines healthcare revenue cycle expertise with innovative cloud-based, cost-saving technology to help clients optimize existing resources, meet business objectives and reach financial goals.

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Your network. Your health record. Secured.

RISARC’s RMSe-bubble provides the industry’s best secure, HIPAA-compliant environment for electronic record and document exchange. It interfaces seamlessly with existing systems, storing and transferring patient information to any number of business or exchange partners in industry standard file types, sizes and image formats.

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RISARC eHealthcard
Real-time access to digital health records.

RISARC eHealthcard™ is an electronic identification card that is designed to provide beneficiaries with access to their personal digital health record and give providers access to the emergency responder package (ER-EHR).

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Admission Error Tracking System (AETS)
Error rates plummet.

RISARC’s Admission Error Tracking System (AETS) is a sophisticated real-time user-friendly tracking tool. It tracks and records hospital registration errors both during the initial entry and through detailed reports, automating error-tracking and performance measurement.

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Improving coordinated care.

RISARC’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is centered on framework of interoperability ensuring that where ever the patient travels between healthcare systems within the United States and internationally, their required health information is there when the caregivers need it.

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Revenue-Cycle Optimizaiton
Reducing the cost of healthcare
RISARC Origins