RPA and AI Services

Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation(RPA) are the two most effective technologies for businesses to increase customer satisfaction and employee morale while lowering operational costs.

Software robots are excellent at finishing routine, repetitive tasks. However, they are much more capable with artificial intelligence (AI). AI can comprehend the language and content of communications, read documents and emails, and analyze language and visuals. Robots can solve contradictions, navigate uncertainty, and perform cognitive tasks with AI.

Let us assist you in automating your operation and improving production output through our RPA and AI support.

We at RISARC provide more accurate and efficient automation for your revenue cycle and business needs.


Applications are essential to the smooth operation of your business operations and workflow.
We at RISARC can provide you with top-notch business app support and implementation so that you can have reliable IT platforms that increase efficiency within your company.
Your entire business operation may come to a halt if your business software isn’t operating properly. Don’t let this be a cause of concern. Our support staff can guarantee that the operations of your business system won’t be interrupted and remain productive.


We offer consulting in the healthcare industry, including start-ups, providers, payers, and consumers who require our expertise in AI and IT-related services. We are comprised of industry-specific experts who provide professional advice, guidance, and actionable solutions to these clients experiencing issues in their daily operations.
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